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A former police officer has been charged with fraud after allegedly syphoning off more than £82,000, from the private investigation firm he worked for.

Roland Barber, 60, had worked for Kent Police for 25 years before being employed as a private investigator at TMC (Transport Management Consultants) Assist Limited, in Strood.


BOURNEMOUTH Conservatives’ troubles deepened yesterday with the confirmation that their leader will face a potentially embarrassing public hearing over computer porn allegations.

A private meeting of the Standards Committee decided that Cllr Stephen MacLoughlin, leader of Bournemouth council and of the Tory group, potentially breached the council’s code of conduct when his council computer was used to access top-shelf material.

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AEK Investigations has provided services for The Legal Profession, The Finance Industry, The Insurance Industry, Local Authorities, Government Organisations, Private Companies and Private Clients

Security Training and Surveys

With previous experience of responsibility for security of large military bases we are able to offer our clients advice in the form of a written report which would normally be presented within 48 hours of a site survey. Bespoke training programs designed and implemented to suit the client’s needs.

Electronic Surveillance & Debugging

Electronic Surveillance and Industrial Espionage are common place in an increasingly competitive market. Our state of the art equipment will detect almost any "Bug" allowing the client the opportunity to stop the surveillance or to feed the competitor "dis-information".

Computer And "E" Commerce Fraud

Amongst our compliment of associated staff we are pleased to have a Computer Scientist at our disposal. He is well qualified in all aspects of state of the art Computer Technology . Using this knowledge and experience we are able to offer a comprehensive service in ALL aspects of Information Technology.

Insurance Investigations

All enquiries carried on behalf of our Insurance company clients are completed in a discreet and diligent manner. We cover Motor Vehicle Theft or Damage, Document Verification, Scene Visits, Photography, Statements Taken, Full Reports with opinion as to cause, Investigation of Burglary to Commercial and Private Dwellings and Full Investigation of Personal Injury Claims including video and still footage.

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